Thought of the Day February 4, 2021 The butterfly

By 9:53 AM

I believe that what God wants us to experience and enjoy is right there before us. But we are too focus on something in the future or in the distance. We struggle with impatience. We want things to happen in our timing. I am reminded of a story that applies. A man came across a cocoon. He couldn't wait to see the full-fledge butterfly to be. So he chose to hasten the process. He decided to blow hot air to hasten the process. The more he blew hot air on the cocoon, it gradually began to open u p. Finally, the expected butterfly appeared. But it was deformed and quickly died. 

The man's impatience to see the birth of the butterfly caused the death of it. The expected beauty held in his hand was forced to develop in his time not in nature's. Learning to be patient with ourselves, with others and with situations beyond our control is a discipline that we need to develop. Otherwise, we could destroy the treasure before us.

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