Thought of the Day February 22, 2021 Temptation: door to sin

By 9:59 AM

"Our pilgrimage on earth cannot be exempt from trial. We progress by means of trial. No one knows himself except through trial, or receives a crown except after victory, or strives except against an enemy or temptations" (St. Augustine).

Temptations are part of the human journey since Adan and Eve. The Tempter, since then until the end, is the Devil. Having lost relationship with God through h is own p ride, this Evil spirit seeks to draw us away from our relationship with God. Temptations are the glass doors to sin, but they, of themselves, are not sin. On the other side of the door is something pictured as good. The desire for the knowledge of good and evil, the desire to be equal to God was on the other side of the door, which the Tempter suggested to Adam and Eve. On this side of the door was their relationship with God, their obedience to God. They could have ignored the cunning tempter and left the door closed, because of a higher good, namely their relationship with the all loving God. But instead of walking away, they opened the door of temptation and sinned, the consequence of which was lost relationship with God. This is what we do each time we open the door of temptation, rather than walk away.

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