Thought of the Day February 24, 2021 Follow the pattern of Jesus in temptation

By 10:15 AM

"If in Christ we have been tempted, in him we overcame the devil. Do you think only of Christ's temptations and fait to think of his victory? See  yourself as tempted in him, and see yourself as victorious in him. He could have kept the devil from himself; but if he were not tempted he could not teach you how to triumph over temptation" (St. Augustine).

What do we learn from Jesus in reference to temptation? Never let the devil separate you from God! In all of his temptations, Jesus never lost sight of his relationship with the Father and the Father's will for him. Jesus made doing and fulfilling the will of the Father the mark of his life. The initial temptations were to have Jesus question his identity as Son, to put the focus on self rather than the Other. The pre-crucifixion temptation focused Jesus' thinking on the pain and suffering he would endure. Jesus chose rather to focus on the will of the Father and our salvation. In each case, Jesus triumphed over temptation, because his relationship to the Father and the will of the Father was a greater good than his human needs. What would happen if we followed the same pattern, keeping our eyes on the Father and the greater good, namely eternal life with God? 

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