Thought of the Day January 31, 2022 To seek the gift of love

By 11:05 AM

"He that loves, flies, runs and rejoices; he is free and not bound....Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength pleads no excuse of impossibility...for it thinks all things possible it is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many thing, and brings them to a conclusion. But he who does not love, faints and lies down." (Thomas a Kempis)

We are called by God to be witnesses of a life of love. "By this will all know that you are my disciples, your love for one another." Given our fallen nature, it is hard to live a life of love. But given  our redeemed nature, by grace we are able to love according to God's plan. Love is a choice. I can, with grace, choose to love. The focus of love is The Other, God, and others. It is when we look to self rather than other, we fail in love. This choice of love is a daily journey with its ups and downs. Paul reminds us: "Whatever  you say or do, do all in love, giving thanks to God through Jesus Christ." To become a person of love is worth the struggles we have to go through to reach this goal. Seek the higher gift of the Spirit, love.

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