Thought of the Day August 10, 2022 Choose the best

By 11:16 AM

 The human life has three parts, gradually rising, namely the first is good, the second is better, and the third i s the best. The first part is the life of nature. It is good because God created it good. However, this is lost by death. The second is the life of grace. It is better, since we share in God's divine life. However, this is lost by sin. The third is the life of glory. This life will be eternally fulling in the presence of God. (Adapted from St. Vincent Ferrer)

While living our earthly life are we focused on the life of glory? Or do we spend our energies limiting our horizon to just trying to survive here and now? While we share in the life of God by his grace, do we recognize that deadly sin, which separates us from God, will prevent us from the life of glory? If this is the best life, shouldn't it be the one that gets the greatest attention, while not neglecting the other two? This realization and commitment separates the saint from the sinner. Why be satisfied with failure, when we can have the crown of glory? It is not for lack of grace, as much as it is a lack of proper response.

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