Thought of the Day August 3 2022 Love whatsoever the Lord loves.

By 10:54 AM

 St. Catherine of Genoa said one day to the Lord: "My God, you wish me to love my neighbor, but I can love no one but you." The Lord said to her in answer: "My child, he that loves me loves whatsoever I love."

Do we love whomsoever the Lord loves  or do we love only those easy for us to love? The Lord loves the sinner though he detests the sins. The Lord loves each person he has created, because he created them. Do we have a right to choose some and not others? God's love is not selective, whereas ours sometimes is. If we are going to be in union with God, then our love needs to reflect his love without qualifications. Even though that may, at times, seem hard for us, it is the way to eternal life. It is the narrow way that God  has designated for his disciples to follow and live. To love is to wish the best for the other and not wish the other harm. To love the other is to entrust that person into the merciful arms of God. We are not the judge of who is worthy or not of love. But we are responsible to love whomsoever and whatsoever the Lord loves.

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