Thought of the Day August 29, 2022 Saint or fool

By 10:33 AM

 "With fear and trembling work out your salvation," (Phil 2:12) St. Philip Neri used to say, that he who does not seek, above all things, the salvation of his soul, is a fool. Jesus has saved us and has shared his own divine life with us, so that one day we may be with him in eternal glory, praising God with all of the angels and saints. But our salvation in not assured, unless we are responding to the grace of salvation. In fact, is salvation your top priority? How will you know? In your daily activity and choices do you see and judge things as how they will impact  your eternity? Like Martha we can be busy about many good things, but fail to be focused on the one thing that is necessary, our relationship with Jesus. That doesn't mean we are to stop working, but that we refocus why we are doing what we are doing in the light of our salvation. Leon Bloy once said: "The saddest thing is to die not being a saint." Your choice: to be a saint or a fool.

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