Thought of the Day August 30, 2022 Mind of Christ

By 10:14 AM

 “We have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor 2:16).

As Christians, we are to strive to have the mind of Christ as the guiding principle governing our thoughts, words and deeds. This is a high order but not an impossible one, once Jesus is truly the Lord of our lives. Our perspective of life changes. How? We begin to strive to think, feel and act as Christ did. We begin to love others as Christ did and does. We take his admonition as commands as we seek to forgive as he did and serve others as he did. In other words, Jesus becomes not only our role model but our  guide in all we do. 

St. Paul said, in another place, "have this attitude in you which was in Christ Jesus". What was this? He had a truly servant heart, obedient to the will of the Father in all things, even to the death on the cross. High order for us who are so weak and fallible, but again not an impossible expectation.. What would happen if today we begin to ask the question, "What would Jesus want me to do in this situation"? Over a period of time we may see how better to have the mind of Christ as our guiding principle and standard of measure. For the opposite is true. If Jesus is not our guiding is, who is?

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