Thought of the Day August 23, 2022 A grateful heart

By 10:17 AM


"It would be well if we were in the habit {83} of looking at all we have as God's gift, undeservedly given, and day by day continued to us solely by His mercy. He gave; He may take away. He gave us all we have, life, health, strength, reason, enjoyment, the light of conscience; whatever we have good and holy within us; whatever faith we have; whatever of a renewed will; whatever love towards Him; whatever power over ourselves; whatever prospect of heaven. He gave us relatives, friends, education, training, knowledge, the Bible, the Church. All comes from Him. He gave; He may take away. Did He take away, we should be called on to follow Job's pattern, and be resigned: "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away. Blessed be the Name of the Lord." [Job i. 21.] While He continues His blessings, we should follow David and Jacob, by living in constant praise and thanksgiving, and in offering up to Him of His own." (John Henry Cardinal Newman)


Sometimes we fail in this most important aspect of our relationship with God. We take for granted what we should never forget, God’s many blessings.  A grateful heart opens one to greater blessings. And the opposite is likewise true. A complacent, forgetful heart blocks itself from receiving more. The former helps us to see God as the loving Father he is. The latter shows us as spoiled children, treating God as a sugar daddy. Gratitude shows maturity of character. How do you want God to see you? A spoiled, ungrateful creature or a grateful son or daughter for all he has done for you?


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