Thought of the Day August 5, 2022 Be a reflection of God's life

By 10:31 AM

 “We are each of us like a small mirror in which God searches for His reflection” (St. John Vianney)

God created us in his own image and likeness. Are we reflecting his image in our words and actions? God redeemed us through Jesus' death and resurrection. He adopted us as his children, sharing his own divine life with us.  As God looks at us will  he see his life vibrant in us? Will he see his love motivating us in our relationship with others? If God does not see his image in us in life, how will he see his image in us in death? To those in whom he does not see his image, he will say, "Out of my sight." He will not be condemning us unjustly, but confirming our decision not to reflect him in our life.  What hinders the image of God to be reflected in us? Sin. Sin is like the muck on the mirror. Remove the muck and the mirror is able to reflect God's image. This is a life time process.  Be who you are and whose you are, so that God's image will be reflected clearly and brightly in your lives.

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