Thought of the Day August 22, 2022 Being a Christian

By 1:17 PM


"To be a Christian is one of the most wondrous and awful gifts in the world. It is, in one sense, to be higher than Angel or Archangel. If we have any portion of an enlightened faith, we shall understand that our state, as members of Christ's Church, is full of mystery. What so mysterious as to be born, as we are, under God's wrath? What so mysterious as to be redeemed by the death of the Son of God made flesh? What so mysterious as to receive the virtue of that death one by one through Sacraments? What so mysterious as to be able to teach and train each other in good or evil?" (John Cardinal Henry Newman)


How much do we cherish this gift, given to us unmerited by Jesus? My response to this great gift opens up doors of grace. Because I am a Christian, as an adopted son or daughter of God, I can share in the Body and Blood of Jesus. I have the privilege of being a Temple of the Holy Spirit, sharing in God’s Divine Life now, and hopefully eternally. As a Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, I am anointed and empowered to witness Jesus to others. At the same time, to whom much is given, much will be required. Am I living as a Christian, according to the teachings of Jesus? I am a Christian by God’s grace. I respond to this privilege both by grace and choice.

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