Thought of the Day August 18, 2022 Zeal for the Lord

By 11:02 AM

 In the scriptures we read about many people who were zealous for the Lord. The most important example was Jesus. In cleansing of the Temple he was fulfilling the prophetic word of the Lord found in Psalm 69:9: "Zeal for your house has consumed me." What is zeal? St. John Cardinal Newman expressed it thus: " earnest desire for God's honor, leading to strenuous and bold deeds in his behalf; and that in spit of all obstacles." He goes on to say: "A man cannot be said to be in earnest in religion, till he magnifies his God and Savior; till he so far consecrates and exalts the thought of him in his heart, as an object of praise, and adoration, and rejoicing, as to be pained and grieved at dishonor shown to him, and eager to avenge him."

This was the zeal that consumed Jesus. He wanted to do the will of the Father and to rectify sin, the affront to the Father, through the gift of his life on the cross. Are our hearts on fire for the Lord? Do we want to please him above all things, no matter the cost? This zeal is a grace from the Holy Spirit. Pray for this grace. Begin to act upon it, first by dealing with sin in our own life and and then react to the sin of the world. God will present the opportunities for us to zealot for him.

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