Thought of the Day August 12, 2022 Obedience

By 11:25 AM

 Obedience can look upon in two ways as St John Cardinal Newman reflects. On is the excellent one: obedience on habit. The other is the more human way: obedience on custom. "The one is of the  heart, the other of the lips; the one is in power, the other in word; the one cannot be acquired without much and constant vigilance, generally not without much pain and trouble; the other is the result of a mere passive imitation of those whom we fall in with." 

Recall the parable of the two sons.  The father asked the one son to do something. He said he wouldn't, then repented and did what he was asked to do. The father asked another son to do something. He said he would, but did not. The obedience of the heart flows from a committed relationship with God, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The obedience in word flows from a self focus, based on what I will get out of it. The obedience of the first Adam proved to be lip service only until what he thought was a better option turned up. The obedience of the second Adam left no room for personal options  He was always yes, as St. Paul tells us. We are called to follow the example of Jesus who was obedient to the Father because of love. 

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