Thought of the Day Jul 1, 2022 Our divine inheritance

By 11:56 AM

 We are called to be rich in the matters which pertain to God. When we were baptized, we were adopted as sons and daughters of God, who gave us the down payment of our future inheritance. What is that? We were incorporated into a intimate relationship with God, who gave us a share in his own divine life. We were told when the white garment was placed on top of us that we are to keep this white garment, symbolizing our share in the divine life, until the day of judgment. Since it is a down payment, it means that we can grow in our relationship with God and deepen  the divine life given us. This occurs when we receive the Eucharist and when we receive absolution in Confession.  Far be it for us to seek to enter the wedding banquet without the wedding garment. Far be it for us to have been given even one talent and go and bury it.

When we die, what will our spiritual "bank account" look like? Will God say to us "You fool! what did you do with the gift I gave you at the time of your  baptism? Out of my sight.!" Or will he say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. I now give you the fullness of your original inheritance, life with me in glory." It is an inheritance which we can give to no one, not even our children. What we can give them is the example of a life lived for, in and with Christ, with the hope they do not waste their God-given inheritance. Check your spiritual bank account.

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