Thought of the Day March 13, 2023 Pride vs humility

By 9:58 AM

 The first sin was one of pride, a desire to be other than one is. How often pride is the root of our sins! It is the tool the Evil One uses again and again to alienate us from God. Am I too proud to ask another for help? Am I too proud to do something which is below my expectations? The Assyrian Naaman, in today's first reading almost missed the miracle of healing because of his pride. He was told to do something simple. He wanted the prophet Elisha to do something extraordinary. The people in Nazareth, out of pride, could not accept Jesus to be a prophet from God, because they knew him. Their pride prevented them from experiencing the miracles which Jesus preformed elsewhere. The psalms tell us that God hear the prayer of a humble and contrite heart. Ask God for the grace to be humble and contrite so that your prayers may be heard, so that God can do the mighty work in you, which  he wishes. 

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