Thought of the Day March 9, 2023 Run the race well

By 10:21 AM

'Christ pas gained for us not only new dignity in our life on earth, but above all the new dignity of the children of God, called to share eternal life with him. Lent invites s to overcome the temptation of seeing the realities of this world as definitive and to recognize that our homeland is in heaven." Pope John Paul II

What is our focus? Is it to survive each day or is it live each day as a gift from God? Is our focus our earthly existence or our heavenly calling? Are we more children of the world of darkness than children of God, living in light? The answers to these important questions will give us an indication of our present relationship with God. For if the Commandments of God are more important to us than the laws or expectations of others, then our heart is rooted in the reality that will have lasting, positive effects. Like Paul, we should never lose sight of our true destiny, "life on high with Christ Jesus." Like Paul, we should urge ourselves on the race for the imperishable crown God has for us. In Lent, we strip off the excessive baggage that hinders us from finishing the race well.

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