Thought of the Day March 3, 2023 Christ, our righteousness

By 10:35 AM

Jesus tells us that our righteousness is to surpass that of the Scribes and Pharisees. What does he mean? Many of them did good things for the wrong reason. Jesus called them self-righteous. Their focus was themselves. Our righteousness is in Christ, not in ourselves. He sets the pattern for us how to live in relationship with God. The way of the Lord is love, expressed in mercy and forgiveness. It is our choice to forgive. We do it, not from human reasons or feelings, but because the Lord, our righteousness, commands us to forgive.  Our attitude is, if the Lord wants this, then I will do it, even if I do not feel like doing it. This is the path to authentic holiness. I am not the center of my existence. God is.

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