Thought of the Day March 30, 2023 Transformation by Jesus

By 11:01 AM

 Recently, Pope Francis made this statement: "The true Catholic, the true Christian is one who receives Jesus within, which changes your heart...When one finds Jesus and feels the fire, like Paul, he must preach Jesus, must talk about Jesus, must help people, must do good things."

This is true, but Jesus desires not only to initially change our hearts, but to permanently change our whole being, so that we can be the light of the world we are called to be. This transformation is a process that only ends in eternity. When we think that we have reached the next step, Jesus shows us the more that still needs to be done within us. For the closer we come to the Lord, the further we feel from perfection. While Jesus is transforming us from "glory to glory", we are called to let our lives proclaim the truth of his grace within us. He transforms, we testify.

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