Thought of the Day March 27, 2023 Passion Tide

By 10:34 AM

 With the fifth Sunday of Lent we began the liturgical period called Passion Tide. It is the Church's way of reminding us of entering as fully as possible into the mystery of Jesus' suffering and dying on the cross for our salvation. One way is to take one of the Gospel accounts of the Passion of Jesus and slowly pray over the verses. See yourself in each scene. Try to get in touch with what Jesus was experiencing.  He does not expect us to suffer what he suffered, but that we will better understand and appreciate the depth of his love for us and the price he paid for our salvation. Watching the movie "The Passion of Christ" is not the same as being participant as an actor. Ask Our Lady to allow you to walk with her as she journeyed with Jesus on the way to Calvary.

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