Thought of the Day March 21, 2023 What voice do we listen to?

By 10:19 AM

 What voice do we listen to? There are many voices that seek our attention. Some are up building and encouraging and others are negative and destructive.  Some of the negative voices are a continuation of past voices we have heard many times over. "You are a failure." "You are not love." "You are not wanted." "You are useless." But the voice that speaks the truth, we tend to reject or deny. That voice, which is the voice of God, says, "I love you. I love you for I created you in my own image and likeness. I love you for I redeemed you and adopted you as my own. I love you and I want you to share my life eternally." Because this voice is not as loud as the others, we tend to ignore it. Yet, God persists in speaking the truth to our hearts. Which voice do we want to listen to? One that leads to becoming my full self, or the one that keeps me in bondage and darkness?

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