Thought of the Day March 17, 2023 Solitude

By 10:24 AM

"I am not saying there is an easy solution to our ambivalent relationship with God. Solitude is not a solution. It is a direction. The direction is pointed to by the prophet Elijah, who did not find Yahweh in the mighty wind, the earthquake, the fire, but in the still, small voice; this direction, too, is indicated by Jesus, who chose solitude as the place to be with his Father. Every time we enter into solitude we withdraw from our windy, earthquaking, fiery lives and open ourselves to the great encounter. The first thing we often discover in solitude is our own restlessness, our drivenness, and compulsiveness, our urge to act quickly, to make an impact, and to have influence; and often we find it very hard to withstand the temptation to return as quickly as possible to the world of “relevance.” But when we persevere with the help of a gentle discipline, we slowly come to hear the still, small voice and to feel the gentle breeze, and so come to know the Lord of our heart, soul, and mind, the Lord who makes us see who we really are." Henri Nouwen

In our busy lives solitude seems almost impossible, but it need not be. If something is a priority for us, we make it happen. Our relationship with God is a priority. At the same time, solitude is good for our mental and physical well being. It is a time to unwind and be still in the presence of the Lord, even though initially it may be for a short time. Our focus is being in the presence of the Lord, waiting upon him, whether he speaks or not. It is making God our focus. It is like trying to play a piano. It does not come easy. But with practice, we get better at it. So with spending time in solitude.

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