Information Zoom talks on the Holy Spirit 1 and 2

By 11:47 AM

 If you were not able to participate in the first two Zoom teaching on the Holy Spirit, here are the links to them to view at your leisure.

Talk 1 are/6sMGOu9D_Ma7ZyY7UeaXYqHfi6 V53q2kdcehnvDJczR2ltNxfDaCofH8 tK8jXpKJ.9Na1q2W2iEHQ1Ehk 

Passcode: X$^3o9.b

Talk 2 share/ kgcnrWHX4RlSX3qtqBq4C5uvIB2uRM yGpus21XHi5ogS_ XedRD5sc4rcWJNBc_f-.he35D1_ fssycBIJP

Passcode: UBppP9k@

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