Thought of the Day May 11, 2023 Encounter with the Holy Spirit

By 10:05 AM

 Pope Benedict once told young people gathered for World Youth Day, “It is important that each one of us know the [Holy] Spirit, establish a relationship with him, and allow ourselves to be guided by him. However, at this point a question naturally arises: who is the Holy Spirit for me? It is a fact that for many Christians he is still the ‘great unknown.’ This is why, [I want] to invite you to come to know the Holy Spirit more deeply at a personal level.”

We are called to have a personal relationship with Jesus as the Lord of our lives, which comes through an encounter or encounters. But do we have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit as the Sanctifier and Anointer? Have we had a conscious encounter  or encounters with the Holy Spirit? Just as our encounters with Jesus change our lives, so our encounters with the Holy Spirit will transform our lives into a true temple of God's presence, where we can worship God in spirit and truth. It is this Spirit who teaches us and leads us into the fullness of life with God.

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