Thought of the Day May 18, 2023 Consolation and desolation

By 9:41 AM


“We cannot come to a conclusion about the state of our soul from its suffering or its rejoicing…Consolation indicates, certainly, that the soul has taken a step in the spiritual life, but desolation may be a sign that it is even nearer to the summit.” Luis M. Martinez

 Consolation and desolation are the ebbs and flow of the spiritual journey.  We want the consolations, but would like to avoid the desolations. We can’t. They go hand in hand. Peter enjoyed the consolation of the Transfiguration and ran away from the crucifixion of the Lord. But the crucifixion was necessary before the resurrection. The consolidation is given us to strengthen us in time of desolation. The time of desolation is a time of further surrender to the will of God. Then we can receive the next consolation. The One who guides us through these seemingly opposite moments is the Holy Spirit, our Advocate and Source of comfort.

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