Thought of the Day May 23, 2023 Stir into flame

By 11:03 AM

"Simple in himself, the Spirit is manifold in his mighty works. The whole of his being is present to each individual; the whole of his being is present everywhere. Though shared in by many, he remains unchanged; his self-giving is no loss to himself. Like the sunshine, which permeates all the atmosphere, spreading over land and sea, and yet is enjoyed by each person as though it were for him alone, so the Spirit pours forth his grace in full measure, sufficient for all, and yet is present as though exclusively to everyone who can receive him. To all creatures that share in him he gives a delight limited only by their own nature, not by his ability to give." (St. Basil)

As we prepare for the Solemnity of Pentecost, our focus is on the Holy Spirit. Jesus told the disciples that the Father will give the Holy Spirit to all those who ask for this gift.  It initial grace of the Holy Spirit was received in Baptism so that we may disciples of Jesus. When we matured in our faith, we were confirmed and received a fresh outpouring of the Spirit so that we could be witnesses. Sometimes the fire of the Spirit within us is only an ember, not doing much. We are called to stir into flame the gifts of the Spirit, so that like a roaring flame we can fulfill our purpose in life. The Spirit is ready to fulfill his purpose in coming to us, but waits for our openness and willingness for his movement in our lives to fulfill our purpose. Come, Holy Spirit, come.

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