Thought of the Day May 12, 2023 Am I a nominal or committed Christian?

By 10:20 AM

 "A Christian life - or a person who calls himself or herself a Christian - that does not leave space for the Spirit and does not allow the Spirit to go forward is a pagan life, dressed as a Christian one....The Spirit is the protagonist of Christian life; (it is) the Spirit - the Holy Spirit - that is in us, that accompanies us, that transforms us and is triumphant within us....Let us ask the Lord to give us this knowledge that we cannot be Christians without walking with the Holy Spirit, without acting with the Holy Spirit, without letting the Holy Spirit be the protagonist in our lives.” Pope Francis

We have many nominal Christians who carry the title but don't live the life. For the committed Christian, the Father is not a mote prayer, but a person whose adopted son I am. Jesus is not an historical figure, but the Lord of my life. The Spirit is not a conclusion of a prayer, but one who sustains my life both human and divine. He is the one who guides my journey to it's destined fulfillment with the Lord.  Without the Holy Spirit in my life, I would be like the dry bones in the vision of Ezekiel, externally alive, internally dead. But with the Spirit I am part of a vast army of servants of God on mission, ready to do his will. 

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