Thought of the Day May 9, 2023 The soul's delightful Guest

By 2:25 PM

 In 1 Corinthians 6:19, Paul says that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. When St. Augustine says that God is ‘nearer to us’ than our ‘inmost,’ it seems that the Holy Spirit is especially associated with that intimate indwelling. Church tradition calls Him the ‘Sweet Guest’ of our souls. As Archbishop Luis Martinez puts it:

"What delight in the thought! It is not because of the exigencies of His immensity, nor only because of our wretchedness demands it that God establishes His dwelling in souls; love, which attracts, allures, and makes one overcome all difficulties, makes the God of heaven, who is in love with souls, come down to them and unite Himself to them in an intimate and permanent manner. This is love: union or desire of union; and as the Holy Spirit is the infinite Love of God, to Him is appropriated this happy name: ‘the soul’s delightful Guest’.

What kind of host would we be if we had a guest in our homes and completely ignore that person for days? And yet this is what we are doing to the "soul's delightful Guest." We go about our business as if he didn't exist. What a shame! How much ae we missing from his indwelling presence, which could help us throughout our day. Instead of ignoring him, bring him with you. Ask his guidance in all you do. Let the union of love grow within you, so you can be a reflection of this love union to others.

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