Thought of the Day May 15, 2023 Baptized in fire

By 10:16 AM

 By God's grace we have been baptized in water, saved by the death and resurrection of Jesus. By God's design we have been confirmed, baptized in the Holy Spirit as witnesses of Jesus Christ. But have we been baptized in fire? Many people have been baptized and confirmed and are no longer going to Church, or go when they feel like it or go out of obligation. What is missing? They never fell in love with Jesus. They remain in a nominal relationship, not a committed one. They have quenched the Spirit of love. Jesus is not the center of their lives. What is needed is a stirring up of the barely flickering flame into a roaring bonfire. How? With sincere desire ask the Holy Spirit to come in a fresh new way into your life. Ask especially for the gift of love. Recommit your life to Jesus as Lord. Ask the Father for forgiveness for your lukewarm relationship. In other words, prepare the way for the Lord to act in you.

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