Thought of the Day May 25, 2023 The Spirit transforms

By 10:01 AM


The Spirit changes those in whom he comes to dwell; he so transforms them that they begin to live a completely new kind of life.  "The change that the Spirit brings is different. It does not revolutionise life around us, but changes our hearts. It does not free us from the weight of our problems, but liberates us within so that we can face them. It does not give us everything at once, but makes us press on confidently … How does the Holy Spirit do this? By renewing our hearts, by pardoning sinners. Here is the great change: from guilty he makes us righteous and thus changes everything. From slaves of sin we become free, from servants we become beloved children, from worthless worthy, from disillusioned filled with hope. By the working of the Holy Spirit, joy is reborn and peace blossoms in our hearts.” Pope Francis

To what extent has the Spirit, given to us on the day of our Baptism and Confirmation changed us? Do we need to stir into flame the gift given us when hands were laid upon, invoking the Spirit? Do we consider our life Spirit-led or other led, other being the world or the Devil? As we prepare for Pentecost, pray for a fresh release of the power and presence of the Spirit in your life. Pray that the words of St. Paul will be true for you. "As we behold the glory of the Lord with unveiled faces, that glory, which comes from the Lord who is the Spirit, transforms us all into his own likeness, from one degree of glory to another"


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