Thought of the Day July 10, 2019 Beatitudes for disciples

By 2:25 PM

Beatitudes a way of life for each disciple of Jesus.

Do you want to be truly happy? It is part of our nature to desire to be
Happy. God wants us to be happy. Are you truly happy? What is the
difference between the desire for happiness and the fulfillment of that
desire? The Beatitudes give us a glimpse into the answer.

These are Gospel mandates not Gospel options for disciples of Jesus
Christ. Though the principles remain the same for all disciples, how they
are lived in different states or vocations of life do vary. As disciples of Jesus,
we are expected to be witnesses of this Gospel life we proclaim. 

What do the Beatitudes, these stepping stones towards holiness,  teach us? In
the words of Pope Francis: “With the example and words of Jesus before us,
we realize how much we need to be converted, so that the logic of being more
will prevail over that of having more!” (Pope Francis)

The Beatitudes are the areas in which on-going conversion needs to occur
in our lives as disciples.

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