Thought of the Day July 31, 2019 The role of the heart

By 1:37 PM

We continue to focus on the Beatitude, Blessed are the pure of heart." What does the heart signify? Yesterday, we heard from Pope Francis. Today, we will hear from Pope Benedict XVI. "The  heart--the wholeness of man--must be pure, interiorly open and free, in order for man to be able to see God. Theophilus of Antioch once put it like this in a debate with some disputants: 'If you say, "show me your God," I should like to answer you, "show me the man who is in you."...For God is perceived by men who are capable of seeing him, who have the eyes of their spirit open....Man's soul must be as pure as a shining mirror.'"

He goes on to say one of the ways to discern the purity of our heart is in the area of our relationships. He says: "Each one of us must learn to discern what can 'defile' his or her heart and to form his or her conscience rightly and sensibly, so as to be capable of 'discerning the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.'"

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