Thought of the Day July 8, 2019 The will of God

By 11:13 AM

In this past Sunday's Gospel reading from Matthew, we heard Jesus say to the seventy-two disciples after their initial missionary outreach, "Rejoice in the fact that your names are written in heaven." The disciples were rejoicing that they saw the power of God work that even the demons were subject to their command. The focus was on the success they experienced. Jesus was reminding them to rejoice, not in their success, but in doing the will of God. In another place in the Gospels, Jesus says that those who enter the kingdom of God are those who did the will of his Father in heaven, not those who performed miracle in his name. How often do we focus on our success in action rather than on rejoicing in God's will which we sought to fulfill in our actions? In one case the focus is on us; in the other, the focus is on God.

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