Thought of the Day July 3, 2019 Love and the Cross

By 10:14 AM

"'The revelation of Love,' wrote Henri de Lubac, 'overturns all that the world had conceived of the Divinity.' What are the consequences of Divine Love? One such consequence is that if Jesus suffers in an atrocious manner on the cross, he does not do so principally to pay the un-payable debt owed by human beings. No, Jesus dies crucified so that the love of God could reach humanity in the most distant point people have come to in their rebellion against him, namely, death. Even death is now inhabited by the love of God. The traditional motive of the expiation of sins retains all its validity, as we can see, but it is not the  ultimate motive. The ultimate motive is 'the unconditional goodness of God,' his love." (Rainero Cantalamessa) 

Jesus was not a sadist, seeking the suffering of the cross. He was a Lover in love with the Father, whose will he sought to do. He was a Lover in love with us, who had strayed through sin and in his mercy chose to give his life that we may have life. His only motive was love. As God he is perfect love. As Man he expressed this perfect love in a undeniable way. "Greater love has no one than to lay down his life for his friends."

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