Thought of the Day July 29, 2019 Pure of heart

By 1:29 PM

:"The Beatitudes are the manifesto of the new greatness, the way of Christ to self-realization, to happiness>' Fr. Cantalamessa.
Let us look at the fourth Beatitude. "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God." Another translation has: "Blessed are the single-hearted." This means "to be without admixture, to be simply one thing. Do we really want to see God? Yes. Is this the desire of our heart? Hopefully. Then is our heart pure before him? No, for we have sinned. Are we single-hearted? Not sure? But if we want to see God one day face to face in the glory of heaven, this is what, with the grace of God, we must be seeking. We need to make the words of the psalmist our own daily: "Let me seek your face." (Ps 27:8) "Your countenance, Lord, I will seek (1 Cor 1:24.) Possibly when Jesus taught this Beatitude, he was recalling Ps 24:3: "Who will ascend the mountain of the Lord? Those whose hands are innocent and whose hearts are pure." Our desire. Our goal.

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