Thought of the Day July 2, 2019 Simplicity

By 1:59 PM

"Among those who make a habit of following the maxims of Christ, simplicity ought to be held in great esteem; for, among the wise of this world there is nothing more contemptible or despicable than this. Yet it is a virtue most worthy of love, because it leads us straight to the Kingdom of God, and, at the same time, wins for us the affection of others; since one who s regarded as upright, sincere, and an enemy to tricks and fraud is loved by all, even by those who only seek from morning till night to cheat and deceive others." (St. Vincent de Paul) 

Jesus himself recommended that his followers be "simple or innocent as doves... and wise as serpents." For most of us we complicate life and thus make our lives difficult and burdensome. Simplicity of life comes from a decision to see things from God's perspective and not the world's. Simplicity leads us to seek first the Kingdom of God, which basically means to seek God himself first in our lives. True simplicity brings about real harmony and order.

In the words of the Catholic Dictionary, "Simplicity is single-mindedness. As a supernatural virtue it seeks only to do the will of God without regard to self-sacrifice or self-advantage."

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