Thought of the Day July 17, 2019 Truth vs lie

By 9:36 AM

What are other qualities of one who seeks to embrace the first beatitude--Blessed are the poor in spirit? The person is humble, docile and open to the grace of God in the present moment.

Pope Francis in one of his reflections says:
“The happiness of the poor – of the poor in spirit – has a twofold dimension: in relation to goods, and towards God. With regard to goods, to material goods, this poverty in spirit is sobriety: not necessarily renunciation, but the capacity to enjoy the essential, sharing, the capacity to renew every day the wonder of the goodness of things, without being weighed down in the opacity of voracious consumption. And this kills the soul. The man or the woman who does this, who has this attitude, “the more I have, the more I want”, is not happy and will not attain happiness. In relation to God, it is praise and acknowledgement that the world is a blessing and that at its origin there is the creative love of the Father. But it is also openness to Him, docility to His lordship: He is the Lord, He is the Great One; I am not great because I have many things! It is He: He Who willed the world for all mankind and willed that mankind would thus be happy.”

In saying this Pope Francis is reminding us about the truth vs the lie. The lie is that things make me who l am. The truth is my possessions do not make who me who I am. I am a son or daughter of God whether I have or do not have. The lie is that God is not sufficient for me. The truth is the only real and lasting thing in life is my relationship with God. The truth is I am totally dependent on God for everything. I would not exist if God did not create me and sustain me. I am dependent on air to breathe, water so as not to dehydrate, food for nourishment and strength. As Jesus said: “Apart from me you can do nothing.” Or as St Paul realized: “In him who strengthens me I can do all things.” I am called to dispossess myself of self-importance and self-righteousness apart from God. Instead, I am to see myself as God sees me. As someone has said: “I am who I am in the eyes of God, nothing more and nothing less.” This is not false humility, but the basic truth. This is not putting myself down but realistically living fully in my true identity in Christ.

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