Thought of the Day July 30, 2019 The intention of the heart

By 9:28 AM

"Blessed are the pure of heart." This beatitude focuses on the true intention of the heart of the person. Why am I doing what I am doing? Am I doing it out of  love of God, to please God or am I doing it to be seen by others or to ingratiate myself to others? "All our actions are honest and pleasing in the presence of God if they are done with a sincere heart, that is, with love as their goal....Thus, it is not so much the action that must be considered but the intention with which it is done."

What does the heart signify? Pope Francis reflected on this. He said: "Let us now try to understand more fully how this blessedness comes about through purity of heart. First of all, we need to appreciate the biblical meaning of the word heart. In Hebrew thought, the heart is the center of the emotions, thoughts, and intentions of the human person. Since the bible teaches us that god does not look to appearances, but to the heart, we can also say that it is from the heart that we see God. This is because the heart is really the human being in his or her totality as a unity of body and soul, in his or her ability to love and to be loved."

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