Thought of the Day July 16, 2019 To be dispossessed

By 9:32 AM

If we reflect on the rich young man who went to Jesus
wanting to gain eternal life of happiness, we can see how
it was difficult for him to respond to Jesus’ invitation.  He
knew how to keep the commandments of the Law, but he
was possessed by his possessions. Unlike Matthew or
Zacchaeus, both wealthy tax collectors, who left all to
follow Jesus, he could not walk away from the less for the
more. It was hard for this particular person to accept
Jesus’ teaching when he said: “For how does it benefit a
man, if he gains the whole world, yet truly suffers damage
to his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his
soul?” (Matthew 16:26) What possesses us?

Would you consider our relationships with others another
area in which we can exercise this beatitude? Are our
relationships indifferent and free or possessive and

I remember a lesson God taught me years ago and
continues to remind me in the present. I had a close
seminarian friend. We were classmates and roommates. I
presumed that we would do something together on one of
our rare days off. When I found out that he had made
other plans, I was crushed and felt betrayed and rejected.
God confronted me in my possessiveness and challenged
me to continue to be a friend by freeing him to be himself
out of love. Our friendship has lasted. To try to control a
friendship is to lose it.

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