Thought of the Day July 23, 2019 Meekness: strength under control

By 9:44 AM

Fr. John Riccardo says that the biblical writers used meek to refer to strength that is under control. It’s strength that knows when to assert itself and when to be passive, as opposed to reacting purely out of emotion. It is strength that can effectively defend itself and what it values, all the while knowing that it, in itself, is not in control but is instead a capable and crucial instrument of the one who is.

Jesus describes meekness as being “wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” St. Francis de Sales further elucidates meekness when he says “there is nothing as strong as true meekness, there is nothing as gentle as true strength.”

When Jesus said, “Blessed are the meek,” He was not advocating a spineless acceptance of life or a doormat mentality. He was telling His followers to be submissive to God and be willing to put their strength under His control. Do we desire to be meek in this way? Then start practicing this virtue.

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