Thought of the Day July 19, 2019 Dependence on God

By 9:14 AM

One day, while St. Ignatius was passing a field, a group of farmers began to deride him and call him names. In order not to deprive them of this pastime, the saint stopped and waited serenely until they finished. Then he blessed them and left. They were so astonished by his conduct that from then on they told everyone he was a saint.

What did he do that was different?

While traveling, three monks lost their way and had to cross through a field of wheat, crushing quite a bit of it. Upon seeing this, the farmer yelled at them angrily, calling them fake monks. The elder of the three exhorted the other two not to answer him. As soon as they were near he said to the farmer: “You are right, my son, for if we were real monks we would not have done so much damage. But now forgive us, for the love of God, because we acknowledge our mistake.” Amazed at such meekness, the farmer fell to his knees before the monks and begged their pardon.

What did he do that was different?

As we reflect on the other seven Beatitudes we realize that they depend on the first. For without a poverty of Spirit, a total dependence upon God, we will not be able to put the others into practice.

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