Thought of the Day July 26, 2019 Put on the mind of Christ

By 9:41 AM

Someone has said: “To be meek is to recognize that power is not about using force but about standing in truth and in love. To be meek is to be considerate and caring in one’s dealings with others. To be meek is to acknowledge one’s place as a child of God, filled with dignity but not with pridefulness.”

“To be meek is a way of being that brings us close to Jesus,” Pope Francis said.

“This is his spiritual portrait and it reveals the abundance of his love. Meekness is a way of living and acting that draws us close to Jesus and to one another. It enables us to set aside everything that divides and estranges us, and to find ever new ways to advance along the path of unity.” Pope Francis

“To see what meekness is, you must look not at meekness but at Christ. Saying meekness is this or that sends you to concepts which are pale copies of reality. Saying "Jesus is meek" sends you to the living reality of it.”  Peter Kreeft, Back to Virtue

What can you do today to begin to practice this virtue of meekness? Does it begin with a change of attitude and seeing things with a different perspective? At the end of the day, reflect on how you sought to put on this mind of Christ who was meek and  humble of heart.

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