Reflection on Scripture Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Gospel C

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 Feast of the Baptism of the Lord Gospel C

The people were filled with expectation, and all were asking in their hearts whether John might be the Christ.

John was proclaiming a baptism of repentance in preparation for receiving the message of salvation from the Messiah, who had already come and was among them. It was easy for the people to mistakenly think that John was the Messiah. Even the chief priests and scribes were questioning John to see if he was the Christ.

 John answered them all, saying, “I am baptizing you with water, but one mightier than I is coming. I am not worthy to loosen the thongs of his sandals. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”

John was preparing the people for a different and more effective baptism which the Christ will provide. John invited the people to be immersed in water as a sign of their repentance. But the baptism of the Christ will be with the Holy Spirit and fire. 

When we were baptized, Jesus’ death and resurrection purified us from all sin. We were not only redeemed but adopted as a son or daughter of God, sharing his own divine life by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit.

By saying he was not worthy to loosen the thongs of his sandals, John is indicating that his baptism was inferior to that of the Christ.

 After all the people had been baptized and Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, heaven was opened

Luke’s account of the baptism of Jesus focuses on what happened to him after his public commitment to embrace the will of the Father to give his life for our lives. Luke says that after being baptized, Jesus was praying. What was his prayer? Was he renewing his love for the Father? Was he rejoicing in his call as Messiah?

 and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

As Jesus said “yes” to the Father, the Father affirmed him as the beloved Son. And the Spirit anointed Jesus in his humanity for his mission as Messiah. Jesus, being a pattern for us how to embrace the will of the Father and how to accomplish the plan of the Father, needed the Spirit because we need the Spirit. As he was led by the Spirit, so we are to be led by the Spirit. As Jesus confirmed his identity as Messiah and confirmed his message of salvation with signs and wonders as his credentials, so are we to do also. 

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