Thought of the Day January 6, 2022 Our true identity

By 10:05 AM

 We continue our reflection on the Baptism of the Lord. Yesterday, we looked at Jesus' obedience to the Father. Today, we reflect on the central identity of Jesus, that of the Beloved Son of the Father. After his baptism, while in prayer, Jesus heard the voice of the Father affirm him as the Beloved Son. As Jesus said "yes" to the Father, the Father responded with his "yes". This gift of the Father seared itself in the depth of Jesus' heart. The Fathers of the Church spoke of this affirmation as the kiss of the Father. Jesus knew that he was the Beloved Son of the Father, but to hear it at the beginning of his public ministry, enabled Jesus to do the will of the Father with greater love. It was this affirmation that sustained Jesus at various moments in his life, especially his deepest darkness on the cross. Though Jesus had a sense of abandonment--the result of taking on the sins of the world--he knew in his heart that he was the Beloved Son of the Father.

Just as this was Jesus central identity, so it is our central identity. We are the beloved, adopted sons and daughters of the Father. No one can take away this reality. We say that at Baptism we receive an indelible mark. Could this be that indelible mark? As the affirmation of the Father of Jesus made a difference in his life, so this affirmation is to sustain us throughout our most difficult moments of our life. Never lose sight of your true identity. Think about it daily. Let you life's decision reflect this relationship. Be who you truly are!

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