Thought of the Day January 25, 2022 The way to holiness

By 10:41 AM

From the time we were baptized until our last breath, we are on a journey to God. We were adopted by God and given a share of his Divine Life. The end of our journey is to have that life to the fullest. This doesn't happen over night nor independent of us. Our journey is to sanctify more and more of our life by consciously being aware of God, by consciously submitting more and more of our daily life under his Lordship. This is not only done by praying, but also by following the admonition of St. Paul: "Whatever you do in word or action, do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the Father." God is interested in everything in our daily life. Nothing is too trivial or too mundane. Nothing is a coincidence. Growing in the ability to transform and to do everything to please the Lord is the challenge of our journey.  It is also the way to holiness. 

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