Thought of the Day January 28, 2022 What is your point of gravity?

By 10:58 AM

What is your point of gravity, the center of your attention, your ultimate priority? 
What is the "one necessary thing" that will give meaning to everything else in your life? Jesus identified it for us. "Set your hearts on God's kingdom first...and all these other things will be given to you as well." In another place Jesus said: "Where your heart is there is your treasure." In other words, Jesus is to be our point of gravity, our center, our ultimate priority, the one necessary thing in our lives. Where he is, then we are on the right path to eternal life with him. Where he is not, then our path is uncertain for in reality we are living in the darkness and not in the light. In the darkness we more easily lose our way and will be far away from the Lord. While there is time, make the necessary recalculation and adjustment to get back on the right trajectory, leading to eternal life with God.

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