Thought of the Day January 4, 2022 Embrace our true identity

By 10:04 AM

"Strong emotions, self-rejection, and even self-hatred justifiably toss you about, but you are free to respond as you will. You are not what others, or even you, think about yourself. You are not what you do. You are not what you have. You are a full member of the human family, having been known before you were conceived and molded in your mother’s womb. In times when you feel bad about yourself, try to choose to remain true to the truth of who you really are. Look in the mirror each day and claim your true identity. Act ahead of your feelings and trust that one day your feelings will match your convictions. Choose now and continue to choose this incredible truth. As a spiritual practice claim and reclaim your primal identity as beloved daughter or son of a personal Creator" (Henri Nouwen)

It is important that we reflect on our true identity and be who we really are in the eyes of God. Our identity as an adopted son or daughter of God has been given to us just as the fact we are natural sons and daughters of our parents is a given. To deny these relationships or to try to be someone else is a vain attempt to reject reality. Doing so will never bring us peace and happiness. God has loved us into human life. God has loved us into a shared in his own divine life. Acknowledging these realities and responding to them by living as a son or daughter of God will allow us one day to fulfill our destiny in Christ.

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