Thought of the Day January 10, 2022 The lie of self-rejection

By 9:54 AM

From the beginning of our existence, God has given us our identity. We are the beloved sons and daughters of God. One of the temptations of the Evil One is to sow the seed of doubt. It is called self-rejection. Because of our sins, because of the criticism of others, the rejection of others, perceived or real, we see ourselves as worthless failures. We become entrapped in the tomb of our own nothingness. 

But God never tires of speaking the truth of our identity to us. We are his beloved. Our true worth and identity do not depend on our actions or on negative thinking of others about us. Our identity is a given, a grace from God. To break through our tomb we need to let the voice of God within us help us open the door. We need to reject the lie of the Evil One and embrace the truth from God in faith. We need to repeat over and over: "I am the beloved of God. He loves me as his son or daughter. I will live in the light and not the darkness. I will turn my heart to God, who has saved me."

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