Thought of the Day January 19, 2022 Where is God in our day?

By 11:21 AM

 Life is busy. The longer we live it seems to get busier. We are running from one thing to the next. At the end of the day we are exhausted and wonder what did we accomplished that has a lasting effect. We may feel something is missing in spite of all our activities. Where is God in the midst of our business? Is he there at all, fleetingly, or consciously on our part at the heart of our life? What would happen if we would reorder our daily routine so that God is not an after thought but given a priority in our schedule? Many of us would say that we don't know how to this could happen. And yet, all it takes is a conscious decision on our part to incorporate God in our daily journey. How? If we can't spend some quality time with God during the day, then can we routinely talk to God at different times during the day. As we go about our active life, can we talk to God about what we are doing. We can ask for his guidance and strength. We can tell him we love him. In less than a minute we have centered our life in him once more.

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