Thought of the Day January 20, 2022 The Lord seeks us

By 1:41 PM

Many times we may think that our relationship with God is one-sided. We are seeking to connect with God, who seems from our point of view too distant. We fail to realize that God desires to find us, but we are the ones distancing ourselves. At times, we distance ourselves because of our shame and guilt over our sins. Like the one sheep in the parable, we stray and lose sight of the rest of the flock and of the shepherd. We don't seem able to find our way back. We fail to remember that the Shepherd is always seeking us, to bring us back into union with him. God is seeking us always, even when we feel unworthy, alone, fearful and somewhat resisting. As he seeks us, he waits for us to open our arms to him. He never forces himself upon us. He respects our freedom. 

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