Thought of the Day January 26 2022 The truth

By 10:42 AM

"God exists, and the meaning of all that I am depends totally on that knowledge. I wonder constantly if I am genuinely allowing my life to be determined by that truth. Maybe part of my reason for hesitating to embrace this truth fully is that it challenges me to give up all control over my life and to let God be God, my God, the God of my neighbor, and the God of all creation. But I also realize that as long as I do not “do” this, my life is an illusion and most of my energy is spoiled in trying to keep that illusion going." (Henri Nouwen)

The existence of God does not depend upon me. My existence depends upon God from the moment of my conception and for each moment afterwards. I am his whether I acknowledge it or not. Everything I am and have belongs to him. He has given me free will to embrace the fact that he is God and I am his. It is when I choose not to be dependent upon him that I begin to live in the lie of my false identity and worth. This mask of the false self propels me into the drama of self-deception, always seeking to be other than I am. It is the darkness of the world of sin. But God in his mercy has given me freedom in Christ's salvation. Once I embrace this grace and return to the truth of God's existence, God draws me closer to him once more. St. Paul shows us our response. "Do not conform yourself to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, choosing God's will, what is good, pleasing and perfect."

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